Zap-Fried Poptarts

There is a relatively clean comedian named Brian Regan who does a really funny segment on Poptarts. He talks about how ridiculous it is that Poptarts come with microwave instructions because they only take about 2-3 minutes to toast in a toaster. At the end of his segment he says that if you need to “zap-fry your poptart” before you leave for work, then you need to loosen up your schedule because you are too busy. The humor may strike you as funny while you imagine someone shoving their poptarts down as they head out to work, and you may have even been that person as some point.

The illustration is a dumb one, but the application is very real. If a person is so busy that he doesn’t take the time to get the proper nourishment before he starts his day, then he will be hungry, grumpy, and unproductive until he can get something substantial at lunchtime. However, if a person takes the time to be well-nourished, he will likely be happier and more productive at work, even if he’s running a little late. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be late for work, but I’m just saying that it’s worth 3 extra minutes to get what you need to help you function properly. If you take the time to get the proper breakfast before you head out, then you are only setting yourself up to be more successful. As good workers, we need to make sure we go to work well nourished so that we can work hard and get a lot done. The same thing applies for Christians. As good Christians, we need to make sure we go to work well-nourished in the Scriptures so that we can work hard and get a lot done for the Kingdom of God. The best way to accomplish that is through daily Scripture reading, prayer, and Scripture memory.

In my experience, when I am busy and have to cut something out of my schedule, a lot of times, my personal time is the first thing to go. I am ashamed to admit how often I miss my devotions! I usually don’t skip it, but rather, I just incessantly put it off until bedtime when I’m too tired to stay awake for it. I suspect (and dearly hope) that I am not the only one that does this, but that doesn’t matter because it shouldn’t be happening whether it’s common or not. I’m not saying that there aren’t legitimate reasons for not getting your Bible read in a day, and I know that God understands that sometimes it just doesn’t happen, but I am saying that those times should be few and far between.

II Timothy 3:16 says that the Scripture (which is profitable for forming doctrine, exercising reproof and correction, and instructing in righteousness) was given to us so that we  can be completely equipped for everything that we are called to do. Furthermore, II Timothy 2:15 says that we ought to study in order to be good pleasing working men before God. This implies that we are to be studying and working. While this in the only passage where the Greek word is translated as “study”, the idea is still the same. Other translations of the word include: endeavor, give diligence, and labor. Paul’s point was that we need to put in the effort toward becoming pleasing workers for God’s glory. A student studies diligently in order to be successful in his classes, and in the same way Christians need to be studying diligently in order to be successful in life.

I’m not saying that life will be easier, Christian living is often hard work, but I am saying that taking the time to get the spiritual nourishment you need will result in greater success at fulfilling God’s will for your life.

This post has taken me a very long time to write, so I’m going to be done now so I can get it posted, but here are a few websites that are helpful.

Bible Reading PlansBible Study Tools, *Scripture Memory Guide, *Learning to Pray

*I don’t know much about the organizations that run these websites, but they appear to be good. Please use discernment if you read other articles on their sites.
Photo Credit -> The header image is from a really good looking baking blog called “Bigger Bolder Baking”. You can look at the blog (and the post about her yummy looking poptarts) here.

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